Trenchless sewer repair for serious sewer problems

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For those who have been constantly suffering from various issues in their sewer lines, it might be more cost-effective if you consider sewer replacement. One of the best ways to do this is through trenchless sewer repair. Many plumbing companies recommend this to their clients for they see that it has a lot of advantages.

Most of the time, homeowners would only remember the sewer and drain lines when a problem is already knocking on the door. Here are some of the common signs to know that there is already trouble in the sewer.

  • Water drains slowly
  • Sinkholes are smelling bad
  • Unusual noises in the toilet

Why Do Sewer Pipes Fail?

First, it is important that you also have some idea on why sewer pipes fail. One thing to keep in mind, nothing lasts forever. This is why regardless of how efficiently installed your sewer lines are and the high quality material used, it is still bound to experience problems in time. Of course, those of low quality would collapse sooner.

Type of Pipes

Most of the new pipes today are designed to last for about 100 years. However, older pipes could only be usable for 50 years. If you have an older home, surely it would collapse sooner or later. The numbers mentioned are true provided that proper maintenance is done. If you fail to do so, you will see problems faster.

Tree roots

Another possible cause of problems in the sewer lines are tree roots. Nothing could stop these roots from getting into small leaks and cracks in the pipes. We all know that roots are easily attracted to water so once a small leak starts, your sewer will be surrounded with roots.


Most homeowners simply let oil and grease run through their drain thinking that it would not cause any problem since it is in liquid form. However, they have to realize that grease is the main reason why build-up in the sewer lines starts leading to serious blockages. If grease passes through your drain, better prepare for problems to rise soon.

Repair or Replace

If you are experiencing slow draining and you just can’t deal with it on your own, it is best that you have it repaired by an expert.

For plumbing issues that keeps on coming back after repairs are done, that is the right time to ask for a plumbing inspection to see if your lines need replacement. Surely, the best way to eliminate all your plumbing concerns is through pipe replacement and this is best done through trenchless sewer repair.

If you seek for a reasonable cost for trenchless repair, call Corona Plumbing. We give you the assurance that we do the job right while still being able to offer affordable cost of service. We do the replacement fast and we do it right.


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