Sewer Repair – Be Aware of the Signs

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If you feel that you need sewer repair, the problem could most likely be in your sewage system. You need to determine whether the problem is on one drain only or all of your drains. It is best to have the experts check your system so that problems are detected and properly addressed.

First Indicator

Most of the time, problems in your drain is first noticed in the toilet. This happens when you have trouble in flushing or the toilet does not flush at all. If you recently fixed a clogged toilet and see that other drains also have a problem, it would be best that you let an expert diagnose your sewage system. Either the system has a broken pipe or a possible major blockage.

An expert plumber could easily see what is inside your sewage with the use of a fiber optic camera. This visual inspection in your pipes could help determine if clogs are causing the problem or a breakage. If you have an old home, most likely your system is made of clay pipes and most of these are prone to breaking and decomposition as it age.

Causes of the problem

There are several causes of problems in your drainage line. One is tree roots. These roots could grow and find its way into your pipes. Even a small leak could be a nice place for these roots to grow and do damage.

The problem would also be due to grease or anything that is poured down in the kitchen sink. These products could accumulate in the pipes and cause a major buildup. This is the reason why you really have to be careful on what goes down your drain.

Composition of your drainage system like the use of clay pipes could also be the reason. This type of pipe is known for break down in time. If it meets its lifespan, it would certainly cause you problems.

Signs of problem in Sewage

  • Slow draining tubs, sink and shower
  • Odd sounds coming from drains
  • Bad smell of sewage waste
  • Foundation moisture and stains
  • Intensely green areas of grass in yard

If there is some problem in your sewage system, some of these would definitely surface. If this happens it would be a good idea to immediately call the experts to check your sewage system and to perform any repair that is needed.

Even though leaks in pipes could be addressed effectively, it only means that problems would still surface in the future. With this, you have to prepare for a future re-piping of your sewage to implement a long-term solution to your problem. If the problem is related to the age of the pipes, then most likely a replacement is needed.

If you need your sewage system to be checked, we could help. Corona Plumbing is always ready to do a thorough inspection in your sewer. We have the right equipments and professional plumbers to take care of the job.

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