How to Install Plumbing in a New Home

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Plumbing system installation should be executed by the experts anyway. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot learn about it at all. At least, you can just understand and monitor when the installation is processed in your new house. Basically, the plumbing works by adapting the concept of water in and water out. However, it is developed particularly in new house installation. So, when you need to install a new plumbing system, what are the preparations as well as the steps? Check them out.

plumbing installation

The Schedule of Installation

Of course, before starting anything, the schedule needs to be prepared. The schedule must include the types of installation, the placement, and materials used. There are two types of plumbing installation system, in general; they are the closed and open systems. The closed system means that all the pipes are connected without one is being separated. The benefit is that the pressure is stronger and when some faucets are opened together, the water flows with the same debit. Meanwhile, open installation means that there is the separation in a certain part. This type of installation is considered less qualified anyway. More than that, the cost to spend is also lower.

Meanwhile, there is also the installation placement. Technically, the methods to be implemented are also two; they are buried and attached. Sure, when the installation is buried, it looks neater and better for the home appearance. However, the treatment or repairing tends to be difficult. The attached installation, on the other hand, is not good in term of look but it is easier while being treated and repaired. Next, make sure also to determine the materials used for pipes whether it is of iron, PVC, or stainless steel.

Plumbing Equipment and Fixtures

After the preparation is ready, it is the time for you to buy the plumbing tools and equipment. If the plumbers have been prepared them, it is a plus point for you since you don’t need to spend money. However, it is such a different case when the system is set up by you. Aside from the tools and equipment, there are also the plumbing fixtures. If they are ready when the home reconstruction is not over yet, make sure to keep them properly by covering the fixtures with rugs or boards to avoid them being scratched and damaged.

plumbing fixture

The Water Supply System

There are mainly two kinds of water supply; they are hot and cold. The hot supply must pass through the water heater while the cold is set up under the freezing point. Some houses apply the manifold system to ease the users in turning on and turning off the water system. If your budgets are more, you can just apply this system anyway.

Drainage and Ventilation Pipes

A healthy home living must have these two systems as well. The drainage pipe is set up vertically from the ground to the roof to lead the waste underneath the main sewer. On the other hand, ventilation pipes are functioned as the source of fresh air. Compared to the other systems, the installation of the ventilation system is more flexible based on the arrangement of the house itself.


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