Home Flooded Because of Plumbing Damage

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If flooding is invading your house, your first move will be taking your family to a safer space. But after the water is cleared and going home is possible then you really need to make an assessment of the damage. Besides your belonging, it could break down your underground plumbing damage. Even though the underground plumbing is out of sight, you can see several signs if there is something wrong with the pipes down there.

Types of plumbing damage caused by flooding

Clogged drains are the most common thing that would happen after flooding. It is due to the dirt and debris get into the piping at the outdoor and then settled down there. The clogs would cause the plumbing at the indoor part got to back up. It will cause the wastewater got overflow from toilets and sinks.

The other most common problem is cracks and breaks. The water that settled due to rain will be drowned into the ground. It makes saturation and when once it is heavy then it will put weight on the underground piping. This is why the breaks and cracks are possible to occur.

The foundation could also get shifted. Since the flood water and saturated soil forced the foundation, it could lead to the shifted foundation. It could become a serious problem when your piping is installed through your foundation into the home. If the foundation is shifting then the piping will do too. Cracks and breaks could occur as well.

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Warning signs of underground plumbing damage

It is so frustrating when you turn on the faucet and you find no water running from it. In order to identify the damage in underground plumbing, you may see these signs around. When the piping is broken or dented, it will have noises. It is caused by the air that could not escape through the lines of sewer or the lines are too small for the way of water to pass.

It also creates some kind of bad smell like persistent foul aroma. If you find this kind of smell around your home, it may be the broken or backed up pipe. It is because the sewage could not move to the sewer lines. Do you find a sinkhole in your yard? It can be the indication of damage piping. Besides, the sinkhole area could be the place where the soil got saturated with the wastewater.

Another sign is that there is the wet area on ceilings or drywall. It could be the indicator of leaked or broken pipe around the wet area. Slow flushing toilets could be another sign of damage to your plumbing. It can also cause repeated clogs in it.

If you find no water pressure from the faucets or other appliances that use running water then you really need to check out your plumbing system. Sometimes it is also followed by poor water quality like smelled or discolored water. The water could be contaminated as well. In the end, you will find out that your water bill is higher than usual. Please immediately check your plumbing. Contact us for assistance.



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