Doing Simple Water Heater Repair and Keeping it Efficient

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Knowledge on basic water heater repair is important for homeowners. This is because there are some water heater problems that are easy to handle. Surely, calling an expert is free but still you need to pay for their service regardless of how easy the work is. If you plan to save money, learning some simple troubleshooting and repair on your heater is a smart move.

Signs of problems in your water heater:

  • Hot water faucet fails to provide hot water
  • Dripping near the water tank
  • Strange sound in the tank
  • Not enough hot water
  • Water not too hot
  • Smelly water

Water Heater not Working Properly

One of the most common complains of people who have water heater is sometimes their unit does not seem to heat as expected. Cases like no hot water or hot water not enough is a common experience.

First, you have to determine if you have a gas heater or electric. The steps you need to do to deal with issues in your heater depend on its power source.

However, there are also cases where the repair of the water heater is the same regardless of its heating method. Some of these issues are noises, odors and leaks.

Water Heater Does Not Produce Enough Hot Water

If this is your problem, one of the culprits could be the mineral deposits at the bottom of the tank. All you have to do is to flush the water tank to bring back the efficiency of the water heater.

When this is not the problem, another part to check is the dip tube for it could be broken or cracked. When it is, cold water could mix with hot water on the top that is why the water you get is not that hot.

For this problem, you need to replace the dip tube or to evaluate your water heater if it needs replacement.

Water Heater Safety & Efficiency

It is also important that homeowners practice safety when it comes to using their water heater. This will help a lot prevent untoward incidents that no one wants to experience. These practices could also improve the efficiency of the heating unit.

  • Check the temperature setting of the heater – It is ideal that you set the temperature control to about 140 degrees F or lower if ever you have kids and elderly people who live with you in your home. This way, scalding incidents are avoided.
  • Insulate hot water pipes – If you see that your pipes run a long way before reaching the faucet, it would help heat the water better if these pipes are properly insulated. If possible, use foam pipe insulation sleeves to prevent further heat loss.
  • Check temperaturepressure relief valve periodically – This ensures that pressure in the boiler is not too much.

For your professional water heater repair needs, call Corona Plumbing. We will be fast to responds and ensure that your water heater will be more efficient after doing the needed repair.


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