Does My Water Heater Need Replacement?

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With the advancement of technology, water heater systems became dependable and better in quality. However, it does not mean that it would last for a life-time. There will certainly come a time that it would need repair and even replacement. It is good to know the signs that your water heater would need replacement. With this, you will always have a constant supply of hot water at home.

It would take around 10 to 15 years before you could think about replacement of your water heater. This could be longer when your water heater is regularly cleaned and properly maintained. The first problem that water heaters face due to age is corrosion. It does not only affect the quality of hot water in your home, it also causes damage on the whole water heating system.

Below are the signs that show the need for a replacement of your water heater. Be vigilant with these signs in order to avoid inconvenience in your home. Also it could help you make your family safe from any disease coming from low-quality of water.

Signs showing water heater replacement:

  • No power – If water heater system has no power it could not anymore provide you with any water in your faucet. Check the power since the circuit breaker might just been tripped by someone. Most of the time, when the power source is fine, no power means failed water heater
  • Leaking Water – Check the area of the water heater for leaks. When there is water leak, search carefully where it is coming from. If it comes from a hose that is visible, replace it. When the source of the water leak is not visible, then most likely it is an internal problem.
  • Low Water quality – Hot water in the faucet that is rusty and unclear means that corrosion is a serious problem in your tank. If the corrosion is due to its age, it is better to be replaced.
  • Noises in water heater – Observe if there are any noises you hear from your water heater. Most of the time, noises means that something is wrong in your heater. It is a sign that it is about to fail pretty soon.
  • Sediment in Tank – Try draining your tank. Make sure that you turn it off before doing so. After draining, check if there are sediments in the tank. Also observe the water coming from the tank. If it is not clean, most likely the water heater needs to be replaced.

Replacement of your water heater is not only good for efficiency of providing hot water in your home. It also ensures that your family is getting clean hot water from your system. Go for the replacement if needed.

At Corona Plumbing, we could check your water heating system and provide you with a dependable assessment report. We make sure that we could thoroughly check your heater and also do the replacement when it is necessary.

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