Cleaning Drainage lines with Hydro-jetting

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Homeowners who frequently experience problems in their plumbing would surely know about hydro-jetting. This is one of the most effective ways in dealing with clogs at home. Minor clogs could be handled personally by homeowners. However, for major clogs, it has to be done by the experts and this hydro-jetting is one of the most effective ways to do it.

This new method of dealing with major clogs in households is now becoming very much popular due to its effectiveness and accuracy. A lot of professional plumbers use this technique to ensure that drain lines are thoroughly cleaned and that major blockages are removed. This method could even deal effectively with root problems.

What is Hydro Jetting?

In this process, a high water pressure is used to clean the drains thoroughly. The water is aimed at anything that is inside the drains through the use a host with a nozzle. The pressure in the water is extremely high that is why it could easily break any type of blockages even those that have formed in a long time.

Even roots in the pipes could be removed easily. The advantage of going for this type of cleaning is it does not only deal with major clogs for minor clogs are also washed out of the drain.

In the process of hydro-jetting, the following are used:

  • Tank of water
  • High-pressure hose
  • Machine that pressurizes the water

With this method, a clean out in the drain lines is used. This opening is really intended for cleaning purposes.  The design of your drain lines is also advantageous for this type of cleaning since the water broken elements of the blockages is washed away thoroughly from the drain. The downhill design of the plumbing system ensures that everything inside goes to the public sewer including the elements of the blockages.

Plumbing companies use different kind of hydro jetter which could also determine the effectiveness of the method. If the jetter is powerful, the more effective this method is.

Why do I need Hydro Jetting?

A lot of plumbers would usually try to do the traditional snaking method to deal with the clog since it is more cost effective for the homeowner. However, when the problem is still not addressed, it is the time that a more serious method is used like hydro jetting. This powerful enough to deal with root problems which has infested your drain line.

If you need hydro-jetting service, do not hesitate to call Corona Plumbing. Our plumbers are well experienced and skilled enough to do this kind of job. We also use the latest equipment to do the job with high accuracy.


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