Why Electric Water Heater Keeps on Tripping?

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When it comes to the operation of your electric home water heater, you may experience the possibility of tripping. There are 2 ways that the tripping can occur, one is from the reset switch and the other is from the circuit breaker. Let’s take a look at the reasons why electric water heater keeps on tripping.

Reset Switch

The reset of an electric water heater is a high limit safety thermostat switch. What does this mean? Simply put, it disconnects the power feeding the water heater once the preset temperature is exceeded. It uses a temperature sensing button, which is in direct contact with the metal tank to sense the water temperature. What are the reasons why the reset trips repeatedly?

Defective Thermostat

The reset button would usually keep on tripping if the thermostat is stuck at close. This means that the thermostat allows the element to continuously operate resulting in a dangerous rise in temperature within the tank. How would you confirm this type of problem?

You would need a multimeter to conduct a continuity reading. First, power off the water heater at its service panel and disconnect all the wires going to the thermostat. Place the test probes on the thermostat while it is in the off position. A reading of O.L. means that the thermostat is in good condition. A 0.000 reading however will confirm that it is stuck in the closed position and must be replaced.

Shortened Element

Another reason for the tripping is a heating element that is shorted to ground. This causes the element to also run continuously thereby tripping the reset switch. Disconnect the shortened element and do a continuity reading. Replace the element if you get a reading of 0.000.

Circuit Breaker

Consider this situation, the electric water heater trips the circuit breaker. Naturally, you reset the breaker from the electrical panel. However, after a few minutes, the breaker trips again. This is already an indication that something is wrong. The worst thing that you can do is to keep on flipping the breaker back on. Why? Because this can overheat the wires resulting in a fire. It may also wear out the breaker and damage the water heating unit. What could be causing the problem?

Burnt out heating element – many electric water heaters rely on 2 heating elements. One is at the tops of the unit and the other at the bottom. When the heating elements begin to fail, they will burn out and you would not notice it at once. A telltale sign is that the water temperature is not as hot as it used to be.

There will be instances wherein the casing will split and expose the components directly to water. This creates a short circuit that will result in the tripping of the breaker.

Faulty thermostat – both heating elements are controlled by their respective thermostats. These usually send signals to one another to make sure that only one is functioning at any given time. With a faulty thermostat, you may face a condition where both heating elements are running simultaneously. This draws in more electricity than what the circuit breaker can handle causing an overload, so it trips.

Bad breaker or wiring – another possible reason why a circuit breaker would trip is that the breaker itself may be faulty or worn out. It is also possible that the wiring in the electrical panel has become loose causing the short circuit. Once the water heating unit has been ruled out as the cause of the circuit breaker tripping, you should have the electrical connections checked by a licensed electrician.

One note on circuit breakers, never replace your worn out breakers with a higher-rated one. Increasing the size of the circuit breaker without using the appropriate wiring removes the safety net of the device. This can result in the overheating of the wires and possibly fire.

Always call on licensed professionals when dealing with problems with your water heater.

Trenchless sewer repair for serious sewer problems

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For those who have been constantly suffering from various issues in their sewer lines, it might be more cost-effective if you consider sewer replacement. One of the best ways to do this is through trenchless sewer repair. Many plumbing companies recommend this to their clients for they see that it has a lot of advantages.

Most of the time, homeowners would only remember the sewer and drain lines when a problem is already knocking on the door. Here are some of the common signs to know that there is already trouble in the sewer.

  • Water drains slowly
  • Sinkholes are smelling bad
  • Unusual noises in the toilet

Why Do Sewer Pipes Fail?

First, it is important that you also have some idea on why sewer pipes fail. One thing to keep in mind, nothing lasts forever. This is why regardless of how efficiently installed your sewer lines are and the high quality material used, it is still bound to experience problems in time. Of course, those of low quality would collapse sooner.

Type of Pipes

Most of the new pipes today are designed to last for about 100 years. However, older pipes could only be usable for 50 years. If you have an older home, surely it would collapse sooner or later. The numbers mentioned are true provided that proper maintenance is done. If you fail to do so, you will see problems faster.

Tree roots

Another possible cause of problems in the sewer lines are tree roots. Nothing could stop these roots from getting into small leaks and cracks in the pipes. We all know that roots are easily attracted to water so once a small leak starts, your sewer will be surrounded with roots.


Most homeowners simply let oil and grease run through their drain thinking that it would not cause any problem since it is in liquid form. However, they have to realize that grease is the main reason why build-up in the sewer lines starts leading to serious blockages. If grease passes through your drain, better prepare for problems to rise soon.

Repair or Replace

If you are experiencing slow draining and you just can’t deal with it on your own, it is best that you have it repaired by an expert.

For plumbing issues that keeps on coming back after repairs are done, that is the right time to ask for a plumbing inspection to see if your lines need replacement. Surely, the best way to eliminate all your plumbing concerns is through pipe replacement and this is best done through trenchless sewer repair.

If you seek for a reasonable cost for trenchless repair, call Corona Plumbing. We give you the assurance that we do the job right while still being able to offer affordable cost of service. We do the replacement fast and we do it right.

Doing Simple Water Heater Repair and Keeping it Efficient

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Knowledge on basic water heater repair is important for homeowners. This is because there are some water heater problems that are easy to handle. Surely, calling an expert is free but still you need to pay for their service regardless of how easy the work is. If you plan to save money, learning some simple troubleshooting and repair on your heater is a smart move.

Signs of problems in your water heater:

  • Hot water faucet fails to provide hot water
  • Dripping near the water tank
  • Strange sound in the tank
  • Not enough hot water
  • Water not too hot
  • Smelly water

Water Heater not Working Properly

One of the most common complains of people who have water heater is sometimes their unit does not seem to heat as expected. Cases like no hot water or hot water not enough is a common experience.

First, you have to determine if you have a gas heater or electric. The steps you need to do to deal with issues in your heater depend on its power source.

However, there are also cases where the repair of the water heater is the same regardless of its heating method. Some of these issues are noises, odors and leaks.

Water Heater Does Not Produce Enough Hot Water

If this is your problem, one of the culprits could be the mineral deposits at the bottom of the tank. All you have to do is to flush the water tank to bring back the efficiency of the water heater.

When this is not the problem, another part to check is the dip tube for it could be broken or cracked. When it is, cold water could mix with hot water on the top that is why the water you get is not that hot.

For this problem, you need to replace the dip tube or to evaluate your water heater if it needs replacement.

Water Heater Safety & Efficiency

It is also important that homeowners practice safety when it comes to using their water heater. This will help a lot prevent untoward incidents that no one wants to experience. These practices could also improve the efficiency of the heating unit.

  • Check the temperature setting of the heater – It is ideal that you set the temperature control to about 140 degrees F or lower if ever you have kids and elderly people who live with you in your home. This way, scalding incidents are avoided.
  • Insulate hot water pipes – If you see that your pipes run a long way before reaching the faucet, it would help heat the water better if these pipes are properly insulated. If possible, use foam pipe insulation sleeves to prevent further heat loss.
  • Check temperaturepressure relief valve periodically – This ensures that pressure in the boiler is not too much.

For your professional water heater repair needs, call Corona Plumbing. We will be fast to responds and ensure that your water heater will be more efficient after doing the needed repair.

Things you need to Know about Waste Disposal Services

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One of the most important services needed at home today is waste disposal service. It is very useful so that wastes in the kitchen are properly disposed. If everything in the kitchen goes down to the drain, it would certainly cause major clog which is a very expensive plumbing issue.

Places where Water Disposal is Important

  • Office
  • Hospital
  • Home
  • Public places

If you don’t deal with garbage in your home the right way, it could result to a lot of problems at home like infections which could result to various diseases. When you deal with garbage properly, you are also keeping your family healthy and safe.

Garbage Disposal at Home

The garbage disposal system at home is placed in the kitchen. Its purpose is to ensure that kitchen leftovers and other garbage are properly converted into a state where it could go freely down your drain.

Houses that do not have this disposal system usually end up with leftover foods infested by flies inside their kitchen. These leftovers also do not smell good which makes your kitchen a messy place.

Keeping your Drains free from clog

Problems in the drain lines are very expense. This is why you need to ensure that you do not cause any major clog in your drain. There are some wastes in the kitchen which could cause clogs so it is best that it is treated first prior to going down the drain.

The disposal unit in the kitchen is made to transform solid wastes into a form that would not cause troubles in the drain. However, even though it is made for wastes in the kitchen, it is not advisable that you pour fats and oil in the disposal unit.

You need to directly throw this oil waste in the garbage. As we all know, oil and grease could be the main reasons why you experience clogs in the drain lines.

When some of the oil and grease are left in the walls of your drain, during the cold days, it could be the start of major blockages. With this, make sure that you refrain from pouring these unwanted wastes in fixtures leading to the drain like your disposal unit.

Disposal unit repair and maintenance

For your disposal system to work effectively at all time, it would be ideal that you have it maintained by professionals. With this, you prevent major issues from happening.

If ever it encounter some problem, it is important that only the professional would handle waste disposal service like repair and maintenance.

For those who seek the service of a professional plumber for maintenance or installation of disposal system at home, call Plumbing Corona. We offer various plumbing services for many years already. We offer services that deal with the repair and maintenance of garbage disposal system.

Cleaning Drainage lines with Hydro-jetting

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Homeowners who frequently experience problems in their plumbing would surely know about hydro-jetting. This is one of the most effective ways in dealing with clogs at home. Minor clogs could be handled personally by homeowners. However, for major clogs, it has to be done by the experts and this hydro-jetting is one of the most effective ways to do it.

This new method of dealing with major clogs in households is now becoming very much popular due to its effectiveness and accuracy. A lot of professional plumbers use this technique to ensure that drain lines are thoroughly cleaned and that major blockages are removed. This method could even deal effectively with root problems.

What is Hydro Jetting?

In this process, a high water pressure is used to clean the drains thoroughly. The water is aimed at anything that is inside the drains through the use a host with a nozzle. The pressure in the water is extremely high that is why it could easily break any type of blockages even those that have formed in a long time.

Even roots in the pipes could be removed easily. The advantage of going for this type of cleaning is it does not only deal with major clogs for minor clogs are also washed out of the drain.

In the process of hydro-jetting, the following are used:

  • Tank of water
  • High-pressure hose
  • Machine that pressurizes the water

With this method, a clean out in the drain lines is used. This opening is really intended for cleaning purposes.  The design of your drain lines is also advantageous for this type of cleaning since the water broken elements of the blockages is washed away thoroughly from the drain. The downhill design of the plumbing system ensures that everything inside goes to the public sewer including the elements of the blockages.

Plumbing companies use different kind of hydro jetter which could also determine the effectiveness of the method. If the jetter is powerful, the more effective this method is.

Why do I need Hydro Jetting?

A lot of plumbers would usually try to do the traditional snaking method to deal with the clog since it is more cost effective for the homeowner. However, when the problem is still not addressed, it is the time that a more serious method is used like hydro jetting. This powerful enough to deal with root problems which has infested your drain line.

If you need hydro-jetting service, do not hesitate to call Corona Plumbing. Our plumbers are well experienced and skilled enough to do this kind of job. We also use the latest equipment to do the job with high accuracy.

3 Questions on Sewer Repair

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There are many reasons why you love your house, but there are also a number of reasons that will keep you worried, like plumbing repair problems. It is important to be aware that plumbing problems can extend outside your home and up to the boundary of your property.

One good example of this type of problem has to do with sewer repair. Basically, this plumbing issue has something to do with the condition of the pipes that connect your homes to the main sewer line running underneath the streets. To give you a better understanding of this potentially costly problem, here are 3 questions to consider:

1. What is the cause of the problem?

Sewer Repair in CoronaWe know that the cause of sewer issues can be a bit trivial. Sewer pipes were not designed to last for eternity, eventually, nature and other factors will cause gradual deterioration. In fact, one of the most common causes of repair for sewer pipes, especially for older homes are the roots of trees that have found their way into joints as well as the pipes. The roots are responsible for seeking water for the trees, so they go where water is readily available, the sewers.

These roots will continue to expand and grow until the strength of the sewer pipes becomes compromised. The odd thing is they attract other roots making the problem even worse. The only effective way to deal with this type of problem is to call Corona Plumbing to help you implement different professional solutions aside from cutting them which is considered temporary.

2. When should professionals be called in?

There is no question that sewer problems should be dealt with immediately. However, the main concern centers on when the repairs should be started. Even if you live in a newly built home, you must be aware that the sewer pipes underneath can be comparatively old. This means that a sewer repair is just around the corner. So the best time to call in professionals should be before you begin construction of the home or before you buy one that is built. This will give us the chance to inspect the sewer and inform you of potential problems that you may encounter. This inspection process can also include the entire plumbing system.

We also encourage you to get periodic checks on your plumbing system so that hard to spot problems can be dealt with almost immediately. You should realize that whatever amount you spend on preventive maintenance only works to preserve the value of your home. Can you imagine how difficult it can be to be suddenly faced with the problem of a broken sewer pipe one morning? All of these can be easily avoided with Corona Plumbing help.

3. How can the repairs be done?

Traditionally, sewer repairs would be done by digging up the affected area. Nowadays, with more tools and better technology, we can provide alternatives to conventional repair methods. Good examples of these are pipe bursting and pipe lining. With pipe lining, a resin coated flexible tube will be pulled or blown into the pipe that is damaged. It will be inflated, and after a few hours, the resin will begin to harden creating a new pipe within the old and damaged one.

Pipe bursting requires the laying of a new pipe through the damaged one. This is done to burst it outward allowing the replacement to be put in place. To use this method, an access hole lateral to the side of the damaged pipe needs to be dug up. The main difference between the two methods is that pipe lining becomes impossible when there are joints or the pipe has collapsed.

These are the ways Corona Plumbing can help you deal with sewer repair.

The Need for Leak Detection in Homes

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If you observed that you are paying more in your water bill than what you expect base on your water consumption, most likely a leak is the reason for this. It is good to know that water leak detection could be done in various ways. Water leak in your property is not only expensive but it could also result to serious damages.

A water leak could occur in the different areas on your home. Some of these places are the following:

  • Pool filters
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Toilets
  • Faucets

Even though locating leaks is doable it is definitely not an easy task. With this, if you think that this kind of job is a hassle for you, getting the service of a professional plumber is your best option.

However, if you wanted to personally check where the leak is coming from, you could certainly do it on your own. This will somehow lessen the expense of getting the service of a professional.


One of the most common places for a leak is your toilet. There is a simple way of detecting a leak in your toilet. The first thing to do is place two drops of dye in the tank. Wait for about 5-10 minutes. When you see that the dye reached the toilet bowl, it is sign that there is a leak in the flapper.

Another sign that there is a leak in your toilet is when you hear a sound of running water even though no one is using the toilet.


It is very easy to check faucets for leak. You simply need to check all the places in your home where faucets are available. When you see some area with wet spots, you have to check where it is coming from. If a faucet is just near, most likely there is leak in the faucet. Deal with it immediately before it causes more damage in your properly or could be a reason for accidents.

Home Exterior

A more difficult job to perform is checking the exterior of your home for leaks. One of the most common parts of your outer plumbing that could leak is the sprinkler system. Due to excessive use, the sprinkler head could break and this would certainly lead to extreme water leak. It would certainly increase your water bill if not detected fast.

If you suspect that there is leak in your home but you could not personally determine where it is coming from, that is the time to call the experts. You could trust the leak detection service of Corona Plumbing. We give you the assurance that we will find the leak fast and deal with it professionally. We will make sure that after our work, you don’t have to worry about leaks anymore.

Does My Water Heater Need Replacement?

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With the advancement of technology, water heater systems became dependable and better in quality. However, it does not mean that it would last for a life-time. There will certainly come a time that it would need repair and even replacement. It is good to know the signs that your water heater would need replacement. With this, you will always have a constant supply of hot water at home.

It would take around 10 to 15 years before you could think about replacement of your water heater. This could be longer when your water heater is regularly cleaned and properly maintained. The first problem that water heaters face due to age is corrosion. It does not only affect the quality of hot water in your home, it also causes damage on the whole water heating system.

Below are the signs that show the need for a replacement of your water heater. Be vigilant with these signs in order to avoid inconvenience in your home. Also it could help you make your family safe from any disease coming from low-quality of water.

Signs showing water heater replacement:

  • No power – If water heater system has no power it could not anymore provide you with any water in your faucet. Check the power since the circuit breaker might just been tripped by someone. Most of the time, when the power source is fine, no power means failed water heater
  • Leaking Water – Check the area of the water heater for leaks. When there is water leak, search carefully where it is coming from. If it comes from a hose that is visible, replace it. When the source of the water leak is not visible, then most likely it is an internal problem.
  • Low Water quality – Hot water in the faucet that is rusty and unclear means that corrosion is a serious problem in your tank. If the corrosion is due to its age, it is better to be replaced.
  • Noises in water heater – Observe if there are any noises you hear from your water heater. Most of the time, noises means that something is wrong in your heater. It is a sign that it is about to fail pretty soon.
  • Sediment in Tank – Try draining your tank. Make sure that you turn it off before doing so. After draining, check if there are sediments in the tank. Also observe the water coming from the tank. If it is not clean, most likely the water heater needs to be replaced.

Replacement of your water heater is not only good for efficiency of providing hot water in your home. It also ensures that your family is getting clean hot water from your system. Go for the replacement if needed.

At Corona Plumbing, we could check your water heating system and provide you with a dependable assessment report. We make sure that we could thoroughly check your heater and also do the replacement when it is necessary.

Sewer Repair – Be Aware of the Signs

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If you feel that you need sewer repair, the problem could most likely be in your sewage system. You need to determine whether the problem is on one drain only or all of your drains. It is best to have the experts check your system so that problems are detected and properly addressed.

First Indicator

Most of the time, problems in your drain is first noticed in the toilet. This happens when you have trouble in flushing or the toilet does not flush at all. If you recently fixed a clogged toilet and see that other drains also have a problem, it would be best that you let an expert diagnose your sewage system. Either the system has a broken pipe or a possible major blockage.

An expert plumber could easily see what is inside your sewage with the use of a fiber optic camera. This visual inspection in your pipes could help determine if clogs are causing the problem or a breakage. If you have an old home, most likely your system is made of clay pipes and most of these are prone to breaking and decomposition as it age.

Causes of the problem

There are several causes of problems in your drainage line. One is tree roots. These roots could grow and find its way into your pipes. Even a small leak could be a nice place for these roots to grow and do damage.

The problem would also be due to grease or anything that is poured down in the kitchen sink. These products could accumulate in the pipes and cause a major buildup. This is the reason why you really have to be careful on what goes down your drain.

Composition of your drainage system like the use of clay pipes could also be the reason. This type of pipe is known for break down in time. If it meets its lifespan, it would certainly cause you problems.

Signs of problem in Sewage

  • Slow draining tubs, sink and shower
  • Odd sounds coming from drains
  • Bad smell of sewage waste
  • Foundation moisture and stains
  • Intensely green areas of grass in yard

If there is some problem in your sewage system, some of these would definitely surface. If this happens it would be a good idea to immediately call the experts to check your sewage system and to perform any repair that is needed.

Even though leaks in pipes could be addressed effectively, it only means that problems would still surface in the future. With this, you have to prepare for a future re-piping of your sewage to implement a long-term solution to your problem. If the problem is related to the age of the pipes, then most likely a replacement is needed.

If you need your sewage system to be checked, we could help. Corona Plumbing is always ready to do a thorough inspection in your sewer. We have the right equipments and professional plumbers to take care of the job.