3 Questions on Sewer Repair

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There are many reasons why you love your house, but there are also a number of reasons that will keep you worried, like plumbing repair problems. It is important to be aware that plumbing problems can extend outside your home and up to the boundary of your property.

One good example of this type of problem has to do with sewer repair. Basically, this plumbing issue has something to do with the condition of the pipes that connect your homes to the main sewer line running underneath the streets. To give you a better understanding of this potentially costly problem, here are 3 questions to consider:

1. What is the cause of the problem?

Sewer Repair in CoronaWe know that the cause of sewer issues can be a bit trivial. Sewer pipes were not designed to last for eternity, eventually, nature and other factors will cause gradual deterioration. In fact, one of the most common causes of repair for sewer pipes, especially for older homes are the roots of trees that have found their way into joints as well as the pipes. The roots are responsible for seeking water for the trees, so they go where water is readily available, the sewers.

These roots will continue to expand and grow until the strength of the sewer pipes becomes compromised. The odd thing is they attract other roots making the problem even worse. The only effective way to deal with this type of problem is to call Corona Plumbing to help you implement different professional solutions aside from cutting them which is considered temporary.

2. When should professionals be called in?

There is no question that sewer problems should be dealt with immediately. However, the main concern centers on when the repairs should be started. Even if you live in a newly built home, you must be aware that the sewer pipes underneath can be comparatively old. This means that a sewer repair is just around the corner. So the best time to call in professionals should be before you begin construction of the home or before you buy one that is built. This will give us the chance to inspect the sewer and inform you of potential problems that you may encounter. This inspection process can also include the entire plumbing system.

We also encourage you to get periodic checks on your plumbing system so that hard to spot problems can be dealt with almost immediately. You should realize that whatever amount you spend on preventive maintenance only works to preserve the value of your home. Can you imagine how difficult it can be to be suddenly faced with the problem of a broken sewer pipe one morning? All of these can be easily avoided with Corona Plumbing help.

3. How can the repairs be done?

Traditionally, sewer repairs would be done by digging up the affected area. Nowadays, with more tools and better technology, we can provide alternatives to conventional repair methods. Good examples of these are pipe bursting and pipe lining. With pipe lining, a resin coated flexible tube will be pulled or blown into the pipe that is damaged. It will be inflated, and after a few hours, the resin will begin to harden creating a new pipe within the old and damaged one.

Pipe bursting requires the laying of a new pipe through the damaged one. This is done to burst it outward allowing the replacement to be put in place. To use this method, an access hole lateral to the side of the damaged pipe needs to be dug up. The main difference between the two methods is that pipe lining becomes impossible when there are joints or the pipe has collapsed.

These are the ways Corona Plumbing can help you deal with sewer repair.

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