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What You Should Use For Winter Decoration

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What do you do when the Christmas decorations have been tucked away and you know that you are headed for the cold of winter? Considering that winter lasts roughly about three months, you need to find ways how to make your home brighter, warmer, and cozier. Here are some tips you can try.

Fresh Blooms

You know what can almost instantaneously brighten an entire room? Fresh blooms, yes, these immediately add color to any room and give it a feeling of polish and refinement. Most common choices would have to be paper white bulbs and amaryllis, buy try tulips, hyacinths, and spring bulbs are great choices as well.

Winter Decoration

Arctic Animals

If you love decorating your lawn with various animals during the summer season, there is no reason why you shouldn’t do it during winter time. However, instead of using animals like pink flamingos for example, rely on arctic animals to keep with the theme of the winter season. This means moose, penguins, snow owls, and other cold climate animals that you can think about. You do not have to stress yourself out with exact replicas, faux white fur, dark feathers, or antlers would be equally amazing. The important thing is that you have fun doing it.

Use Wool

People have a penchant for throwing away old things like sweaters once they feel they have no use for it anymore. But, did you know that these old wool clothes can be used as a great winter decoration tool? Yes, instead of throwing away, use it to decorate various items like glass votive and vases. Simply cut the sleeves off of the old wool sweaters and slip it over these items to create your own wrapped in wool winter decors.


When attempting to decorate a room, it would be best to try and get all the elements together. This means not only going for the look, but also the feel and smell. Aromatherapy is a great way to enhance winter decorations in your home. With the help of essential oils in a diffuser or scented candles, achieving that summertime aroma would be quite easy. Some scents to consider include orange, lemon, grapefruit, and other citrusy smell that have been known to uplift and energize people. If you want to create a more relaxed atmosphere, jasmine, clary sage, and bergamot are best to deal with stress and anxiety.


As far as achieving the look is concerned, lighting is something you should not overlook. Changing lightbulbs to compensate for the lack of sunlight is a must. Blue or white light would be your best and closest choices in achieving false sunlight. You can also invest in dawn simulator lights, which can be used not only during winter, but essentially any time of the year. These can be put to good use during dark and cold winter mornings. The nice thing about these bulbs is that they gradually increase intensity so that in roughly 20 minutes you would think that you are waking up to the rising sun.

Winter Decoration


When you deal with lighting, it is always best to put in some mirrors. These would obviously add to the lighting effect that you would want to achieve for your decoration. You can target dark spaces in your home by strategically placing mirrors in the right place. Mirrors are excellent in reflexing light. Using different mirror sizes would also add to the esthetics.

Mixing Colors

To get that truly great feel, you need to mix colors. Combining soft and metals will result in a glow that mimics that of sunlight hitting a beautiful body of still water. Throw in some pinecones, dried flowers, and birch bark among others to get that nature-like ambience.

Planters and Tulips

Winter planters do not mean boring and colorless, there are colorful ones as well. This is to accompany the many beautiful plants and flowers that thrive during the winter season. These planters come in various textures as well. Green, red, and white flowers would be a nice touch even when looking for a centerpiece. To complete the look, use light-colored linens in your rooms.

These tips in winter decoration will help in brightening your home even during the darkest of winter days. However, anytime you get frozen pipes in winter season, don’t forget to call us.


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