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Kitchen Floor Plan Basics You Need to Know

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Traditional calculation in the kitchen called a work triangle has separated the sink, refrigerator and also the range. Nowadays, it has been developed into more practical concept of work zone. The traditional kitchen allows a person to prepare the meal in a multi-purpose space in the cook room. Due to the evolution, it gives more multi-purpose rooms in the kitchen for cooking.

In this article we are going to talk about the kitchen layouts and the developed ones. Check this out.

One wall kitchen

Before people call it one-wall concept, it was already popular with the Pullman kitchen. You will find this kind of kitchen layout in the loft or studio space. This kitchen layout really saves a lot of spaces in the small room like a studio room. The appliances and the cabinets are installed on one side of the wall. Modern design will also include an island as well.

Galley kitchen

The layout seems leaner and very ideal for small space or one-cook kitchen. This kitchen is kind of a walk-through kitchen which is characterized by two opposite walls that face each other. Some models also put two countertops in parallel setting so there is a walkway in the middle of them. The galley kitchen is a great option if you want to make the most of every inch in your kitchen. You do not even need to figure out the corner cabinets, which mean that you can allocate your budget to other things.

Kitchen Floor

L-shaped kitchen

If you want to maximize the corner space in your kitchen then the L-shaped layout will be the ultimate answer. Other than that, this is a smart decision to make a kitchen design in a kitchen with small or medium size.

By applying the L-shaped kitchen layout, you are already eliminating the traffic issue. You can even put a dining table by having this kitchen layout in your home. But if your kitchen space is larger and wider then you better not choosing this layout. Instead, you can install an island to use the emptiness of the large space for kitchen.

Horseshoe or U-shaped kitchen

This configuration has three walls for the cabinets as well as the appliances. After the development, it could also two walls with an island that will serve as the third wall. It will ease up the workflow of the island. If you like to cook a lot then it will allow you to have more about it.

Island kitchen

This type will require cabinetry and appliances. Besides, the kitchen island is the additional work table for a kitchen. It will provide an area to eat if you provide stools around the island, area to prepare your meals along with the sink, and also the place to store beverage if you equip it with the wine cooler.

Even though this feature is very functional and amazing, many homeowners do not have enough space to add this thing in their kitchen. If the space is right, it gives good look and functionality. But when you force it to present in your kitchen, your workflow will be interrupted.


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